Invest in the fintech changing commercial real estate financing

We’re an employee-centric company that has built a flexible, b2b, fintech marketplace connecting commercial property borrowers and lenders with an advisor touch. We are laser focused on delivering maximum value to commercial borrowers and lenders; and as a byproduct long term value to our shareholders while always being prudent allocators of our capital.

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Reasons to Invest

  • Our company, Janover Ventures, grew 184% * during the pandemic, powering more than $300 million in loan closings.
  • Our proprietary technology, the intelligent portal, on average processes $2.6B in loan inquiries per month.
  • The traffic to our suite of websites grew to more than 1 million unique users last year, primarily from organic, SEO-driven traffic.
  • (*) 2019 audited financials

Even the largest and most sophisticated commercial real estate and small business investors don't know — and are rarely ever presented with — their best financing options.

Lenders have not actively embraced digital client engagement or technology to improve efficiency. Their old-school approach ultimately lacks incentive to seek and originate “small” loans under $15 million, because it costs as many resources to originate a $50MM loan as a $50k loan... until now.

Neither borrowers nor lenders have a way to access each other at scale. With hundreds of thousands of borrowers, and lenders, all with their unique “deal” components; how can everyone possibly connect with their best counterpart?

Through a growing network of educationally-focused digital media assets owned by us at Janover Ventures, we are empowering commercial real estate, multifamily and small business owners with loan options they may not have known existed.

By leveraging a combination of industry-leading, proprietary technology, and carefully curated lender and investor relationships, we are helping borrowers get access to superior loan options, and at the same time, helping lenders get more clients that fit their ideal credit profile.

Thanks to our data-driven expertise in digital growth engineering, capital markets and agile web development; we are able to help unlock access to multifamily, small business, and commercial real estate debt capital.

We own some of the most valuable, highly-trafficked commercial real estate, multifamily and small business finance websites on the Internet. You can think of it like this... Imagine each website is a piece of real estate, and where it appears organically on Google Search as its location. Because we appear on the first page of Google for thousands of commercial real estate and business finance terms, we own the world's best "digital real estate."

Our technology collects and processes the data, connects borrowers with the right lenders and loan products, and removes frictions for everyone so that they can do what they came to do. Business.

Our intuitive portal guides borrowers at their own pace on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, securely through a process that used to take days and dozens of touchpoints, in mere minutes. This thorough deal package is then processed through our proprietary data analysis framework which is overseen by our expert capital advisors, and matched directly with the appropriate lender for that unique transaction.

Maintaining established relationships with external lender-partners allows us to focus on what we're the best at: technology enhancing commercial real estate, multifamily and small business financing for borrowers and lenders. We have developed strategic lending partnerships with some of the nation’s leading public and private financial institutions.

We have created a network of successful brands (such as and which have aided us in arranging more than $300 million in closed loans through 2021, with our smallest loans being as modest as $20,000 or less and the high-end being as large as $26,000,000 or more.

Our algorithms draw on our proprietary dataset to score and distribute opportunities to our internal advisory team and external lender partners.

We don't close loans in our Janover Ventures name, and therefore do not carry large liabilities on our company books. We earn income when a loan closes, which means we're invested in a loan option that is beneficial to everyone.

The market for multifamily and commercial real estate financing is huge, and is growing. Multifamily continues to be a highly-attractive asset class with long-term stable demand through economic cycles. The opportunity to reposition bank borrowers to agency and government-sponsored products is by far the largest opportunity; although there remains tremendous opportunity in opening the door to more options for all commercial borrowers across the country. Put simply, a small credit union down the street that you’ve never heard of may be able to provide higher leverage, lower cost, better cash flowing financing than a bank just a couple doors down. There’s no way for everyone to know all their options.

There’s an opportunity to educate small balance bank borrowers on the benefits of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA multifamily financing and help them pivot to more competitive financing options.

The market for small business loans is tremendous and comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. For example, government-backed SBA (Small Business Administration) loans were responsible for over $28B in small business funding in 2020, and that doesn’t include the significant increase from the enactment of the CARES act during the pandemic. In 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Janover Ventures were able to help hundreds of businesses secure access to PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans, totaling close to $20MM. Other conventional loan products such as lines of credit, term loans, merchant cash advances, business credit cards and equipment financing offer even more opportunities for us to empower business owners with options. According to the Federal Reserve’s Small Business Credit Survey, 43% of small businesses in the United States applied for a loan last year. The average small business bank loan is $633,000, while the average SBA loan is around $107,000. With over 30.2M small businesses in the United States and roughly 70% with outstanding debt, you can safely assume the market size is massive.

We like to think of our competitors as business partnership opportunities. Most of the potential competition, such as large lenders, struggle with digital client acquisition. Others have tried to build digital marketplaces, but never see the type of traction that we've attained. Our borrower acquisition costs are a fraction of those of incumbents because of the data-driven nature of our digital growth strategies and our ability to monetize a larger swath of our opportunities (due to our broader credit parameters). Our software and proprietary processes allow us to sift, parse and distribute loan opportunities more efficiently, with a lower touch and with higher-converting engagement than any of our peers. We think we can close more loans, at a lower cost per loan, with lower risk, at a faster clip than anyone, period.

First and foremost, we are tasked with getting much needed financial education into the hands of business, multifamily, and commercial real estate owners. Our 2021 vision is as clear as our 20/20 vision: for Janover Ventures to be the first digital touchpoint for as many business, multifamily, and commercial real estate borrowers as possible on the Internet and to provide them with education and loan options that they never had before. By 2026, we aim for Janover Ventures to become the highest volume multifamily, commercial real estate, and digital finance platform in America. We will create a closed ecosystem for the best and most diverse group of lenders in the business to provide high quality financing to the business owners of America; starting with apartment buildings, commercial real estate, and ultimately all business financing. The 'Lending Tree' of business financing, without selling leads to the highest bidder. BAM! :)

Prior to our first investment round in mid-2020, we at Janover Ventures were 100% bootstrapped with a lot of organic growth. During our first round, we saw tremendous support and were ultimately backed by over 2,000 investors who aligned with our vision.

Blake Janover has over 15 years of real estate capital markets and entrepreneurial experience. Some of Mr. Janover’s track record includes: owning a commercial real estate-licensed direct lender agency; overseeing the analysis and processing of billions of dollars in commercial real estate mortgages; building more than 100 class-A apartment units in Miami; building a global logistical infrastructure as the CEO of a large direct to consumer company; and many more.

Mr. Janover has built companies transcending various industries and countries, and successfully executed a corporate exit.

He has been published by Forbes, Housing Wire and other industry journals and is a member of the 2021 Forbes Real Estate Council.  Mr. Janover received a certificate for completing Leveraging Fintech Innovation To Grow And Compete at Harvard Business School in 2019. 

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Meet Our Team

Blake Janover

Blake is the Founder & CEO of Janover Ventures. He has more than 15 years of experience in real estate capital markets. Blake has overseen the underwriting and origination of billions of dollars of commercial, multifamily and residential real estate loans and has advised on many billions of dollars more. Blake has nearly 20 years experience as an entrepreneur. His work experience spans multinational corporations, cross-continent logistical infrastructure management, software engineering, and he has managed hundreds of employees across multiple countries. Our CEO is a dad, husband and total bookworm, geeking out on anything from technology to economics. 

Nikita Drozd
Senior Full Stack Engineer

Nikita is a senior full stack developer with experience that transcends industries and applications. Although he leads engineering and technology at Janover Ventures, his role is fluid, wearing many hats as he oversees and guides the entirety of the Janover Ventures software ecosystem. 

Steve Schwartz
Director of Growth

Steve Schwartz is the Director of Growth at Janover Ventures. He brings nearly 20 years of Internet marketing and entrepreneurial experience to the table. Over the years, Schwartz has quietly generated millions of leads across numerous industries and stacked a broad set of skills from automation optimization through web development that have accumulated throughout a diverse career filled with successes and failures. Steve is a father of 2, and like many others at Janover Ventures, he enjoys reading books and personal development.

Brandon Ramineh
Director of Capital Markets

As the Director of Capital Markets, Brandon currently oversees all origination and underwriting across a platform that generates hundreds of millions of dollars of loan applications per month. Mr. Ramineh is the in-house expert on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD multifamily financing.

Victoria Griesdoorn PhD
Operations Manager

Victoria Griesdoorn is the Special Operations Manager at Janover Ventures. She’s a Jill of All Trades leveraging her long and meandering career path to where she is today.Some of her endeavours have included working as a multi-team lead for a global Fortune 100 company with a Ph.D. in Medicine to boot. 

Taylor Fiscus
Operations Manager

Taylor Fiscus is our Operations & HR Manager. She’s most recently stood up operations and human resources for several start-ups and previously served as the associate director of White House personnel, the deputy White House liaison to the US EPA, and a regional operations director at a Presidential campaign headquarters and for the national convention committee. She has an MSc, Exon in social and organizational psychology.

Matthew Sloley
Head of Content

Matthew is our Director of Content, leveraging a lifetime of writing experience combined with his intimate knowledge of SEO. Matthew carefully curates the educational content that we share across our websites and newsletters driving traffic, engagement, and delivering value that transcends industries.

Yevhenii Ometsynksyi
Senior UX/UI Designer

Yevhenii is our Senior UX Designer. With years of experience leading teams and executing design functions in multiple capacities, Yevhenii delivers yummy excellence in all of his artistic endeavours from UX/UI optimization to oil paintings and garden curation. His eye for design as it interacts with experience is nothing short of brilliant. 

Joey Alexander
Jr. Capital Markets Associate

Joey has been a part of the Janover Ventures capital markets team for just over a year. He handles many client-facing activities from providing potential borrowers with the guidance and knowledge they require to obtain the financing they need, through financial analysis and capital markets deal construction. 

Joe Nolan
Director of Small Business Finance

With 10 years of experience in retail banking, REIT fundraising, SBA lending, and Non-bank lending, Joe is a high-achieving, motivated sales leader with demonstrated success in growing profitability in a wide range of financial environments. Joe has been a leader of bank branch loan production and investment sales and has even run a nationwide team of business development officers and originators in the SMB lending space. Appropriately, he runs our small business lending relationships as our Director of Small Business Financing.

Stevan Popov
Product Manager

Stevan is a Project Manager at Janover Ventures. He has proven experience in delivering web applications mainly focused on reporting, business intelligence, and Rest APIs. He is experienced in database design and data modeling as well as distributed data storage including NoSQL and BigData technologies.

Parminder Singh
Growth Engineer

Parminder is one of the Growth Engineers at Janover Ventures. He is a seasoned digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Linkedin Ads, and more. "Parm" is responsible for the day-to-day management of paid digital marketing campaigns. He has a strong track record of launching successful marketing campaigns and always jumps on the opportunity to grow and improve. When he’s not optimizing marketing campaigns, he’s reading books or spending time with his family.

Seva Sozanskyi
Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Seva is a Senior Full Stack Developer at Janover Ventures and an integral part of our family. As a former owner of a digital production agency, Seva brings 7 years of web and mobile development experience to the table, having worked with fintechs, startups, and enterprise projects of various sizes and tenures. 

Gustavo Lemos
Jr. Data Engineer

Gustavo is a Jr. Data Scientist. He started as an intern at Janover Ventures and has moved his way up with a methodical and creative approach to exploring and interpreting data across complex sources. Outside of JV, Gustavo is in his last semester of college and aims to pursue a Master's in Data Science starting this year.

Luis Camacho
Growth Engineer

Luis Camacho is a Growth Engineer at Janover Ventures. With years of advertising experience under his belt, Luis helps the team think outside of the box. Luis loves Monster energy drinks, working out and reading. 


How do I contact someone at DirectCF?

If you have questions that have not been answered in the FAQ, please email our Investor Support Team at [email protected]

You may cancel your investment at any time, for any reason until 48 hours prior to a closing occurring.  If you have already funded your investment and your funds are in escrow, your funds will be promptly refunded to you upon cancellation.  To submit a request to cancel your investment please email [email protected].

All available financial information can be found on the offering pages for the company’s Regulation Crowdfunding offering.

If a company does not reach their minimum funding goal, all funds will be returned to the investors after the closing of their offering.

The organization of the company – Dalmore Group, LLC requires information that shows the issuer company has taken steps necessary to organize as a corporation or LLC in its state of organization, is in good standing, and that the securities being issued will be duly authorized and validly issued. The corporate structure and ownership – Dalmore Group, LLC works with the issuer company to disclose its organizational structure, affiliated entities, and current capitalization. The people behind the company – Dalmore Group, LLC helps the issuer company disclose who is behind the operations and strategy of the company, along with their previous related experience, and Bad Actor Reports to provide evidence that the company is not disqualified from proceeding with its offering.  Information provided to investors – Dalmore Group, LLC checks that the issuer company is providing clear disclosure of its financial situation, business origins, and operations, and legal authority to engage in its business activities. Investor information and terms of the offering – Dalmore Group, LLC reviews for consistency each instance where the issuer company describes the offering terms, and identifies to investors how the issuer company reached its current valuation and will track and keep in touch with its security holders. Review of transaction documents – Dalmore Group, LLC performs an independent review of transaction documents to check for red flags & conformance with stated terms.  Business due diligence – Dalmore Group, LLC conducts research and due diligence on each company before it is able to accept investments on the DirectCF platform.  Dalmore Group, LLC will typically conduct over 30-40 hours of due diligence per opportunity, which requires the satisfactory completion of a detailed set of individual questions and data requests.  Particular attention is paid to the following issues throughout the due diligence process:

  • Problem or inefficiency being addressed Product / service overview
  • stage of development and anticipated milestones
  • Demonstrated traction (e.g. revenue, pre-sales, purchase orders, signed contracts, media coverage, awards, etc.)
  • Data to support claims made in marketing materials (e.g. user / customer metrics, signed contracts and agreements, product demonstrations, etc.)
  • Growth strategy
  • Employees and advisors (including ownership structure)
  • Addressable market (e.g. size, growth, penetration, etc.)
  • Competitive landscape and industry dynamics
  • Exit opportunities
  • Intellectual property
  • Historical financials
  • Financial projections (including error-checking, evaluation of key assumptions and reconciliation to stated growth plan)
  • Reference checks (e.g. previous investors, advisors, etc.)
  • Investment overview (including determination of key terms, uses of funds, and current and previous investors)

The findings of the foregoing review are presented to Dalmore Group, LLC, which may approve, reject, or require additional information for the offering. Upon approval and following the onboarding process, an offering can begin accepting investments online. General considerations Notwithstanding the foregoing, these investments are illiquid, risky and speculative and you may lose your entire investment.  The foregoing summarizes our standard process. However, each diligence review is tailored to the nature of the company, so the aforementioned process is not the same for every issuer. Completing the vetting process does NOT guarantee that the company has no outstanding issues or that problems will not arise in the future.  While the foregoing process is designed to identify material issues, there is no guarantee that there will not be errors, omissions, or oversights in the due diligence process or in the work of third-party vendors utilized by Dalmore Group, LLC and DirectCF. Each investor must conduct their own independent review of documentation and perform their own independent due diligence and should ask for any further information required to make an investment decision.

Shares sold via Regulation Crowdfunding offerings have a one-year lock up period before those shares can be sold freely.

Exceptions to limitations on selling shares during the one-year lock up are transfers:

  • to the company that issued the securities;
  • to an accredited investor;
  • to a family member (defined as a child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or spousal equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships);

in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance.

The companies listed on DirectCF are privately held companies, and their shares are not traded on a public stock exchange. As a result, the shares cannot be easily traded or sold. As an investor in a private company, you typically receive a return on your investment under the following two scenarios: The company gets acquired by another company. The company goes public (makes an initial public offering on the NASDAQ, NYSE, or another exchange). In those instances, you receive your pro-rata share of the distributions that occur, in the case of acquisition, or you can sell your shares on the exchange. It can take 5-7 years (or longer) to see a distribution or trading, as it takes years to build companies. In many cases, there will not be any return as a result of business failure. Dalmore Group, LLC does not make investment recommendations, and no communication, through this website or in any other medium should be construed as a recommendation for any security offered on or off this investment platform. Investments in private placements and start-up investments in particular are speculative and involve a high degree of risk, and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest in start-ups. Companies seeking startup investments tend to be in earlier stages of development, and their business model, products and services may not yet be fully developed, operational or tested in the public marketplace. There is no guarantee that the stated valuation and other terms are accurate or in agreement with the market or industry valuations. Additionally, investors on Regulation CF offerings will receive securities that are subject to holding period requirements. The most sensible investment strategy for start-up investing may include a balanced portfolio of different start-ups. Start-ups should only be part of your overall investment portfolio. Investments in startups are highly illiquid and those investors who cannot hold an investment for the long term (at least 5-7 years) should not invest.

Companies on DirectCF are high risk opportunities and may not retain their value. Investing in startups and small businesses is inherently risky and standard company risk factors such as execution and strategy risk are often magnified at the early stages of a company. In the event that a company goes out of business, your ownership interest could lose all value. Furthermore, private investments in startup companies are illiquid instruments that typically take up to five to seven years (if ever) before an exit via acquisition, IPO, etc.

Individuals over 18 years of age can invest.  Currently however, Canadian citizens are not able to invest in Regulation CF offerings listed with DirectCF.

We cannot give tax advice, and we encourage you to talk with your accountant or tax advisor before making an investment.

Calculating net worth involves adding up all your assets and subtracting all your liabilities. The resulting sum is your net worth.

Investors other than accredited investors are limited in the amounts they are allowed to invest in all Regulation Crowdfunding offerings (on this site and elsewhere) over the course of a 12-month period: If either of an investor’s annual income or net worth is less than $107,000, then the investor’s investment limit $2,200, or 5 percent of the greater of the investor’s annual income or net worth, whichever is greater. If both an investor’s annual income and net worth are $107,000 or higher, then the investor’s limit is 10 percent of the greater of their annual income or net worth, or $107,000 whichever is greater.  Accredited investors are not limited in the amount they can invest.

The majority of offerings are common stock, though some companies may raise capital through convertible note, debt, and revenue shares.

Crowdfunding allows investors to support startups and early-growth companies that they are passionate about. This is different from helping a company raise money on Kickstarter. With Regulation CF Offerings, you aren’t buying products or merchandise. You are buying a piece of a company and helping it grow.


Raised to Date: $141,396.00
Previously Crowdfunded: $1,055,888.00
Investors: 173
Shares Offered: Common
Offering: Reg CF
Offering Type: Equity
Security Name: Class A
Minimum Number of Shares Offered: 10,000
Maximum Number of Shares Offered: 3,993,554
Price per Share: $1.00
Pre-Money Valuation: $45,338,111.00

Offering Summary

Company: Janover Inc.
Corporate Address: 7601 N Federal Hwy, B-140, Boca Raton, FL 33487
Offering Minimum: $10,000.00
Offering Maximum: $3,993,554.00
Minimum Investment Amount (per investor): $250.00


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.

Join the Discussion

Said Benjeloun

Hi, I'm looking for to invest in JANOVER VENTURES.

05.14.2022 02:07
Roberta Dickinson

Hi Blake, I have invested, thank you for the opportunity. My question is why does a passport need to be uploaded, instead of another form of ID, like a driver's license? My passport has expired. If I do not upload a passport, will I eventually be able to be paid a return on my investment, should that become a possibility in the future? Thank you, Roberta

01.15.2022 00:00
Blake Janover - CEO

Roberta, if your investment doesn't come through please email us directly and we'll make sure everything is OK. Your passport does not determine your return on investment.

01.19.2022 16:11
Carl Green

I offer small business assistant with funding. I need another lender to offer clients. Can we partnership and make it happen. Call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.

01.14.2022 23:28
Blake Janover - CEO

Thanks, I'll call that number right away :)

01.19.2022 16:16
Roberta Dickinson

Hi Blake, I have invested. My question is why does a passport need to be uploaded, instead of another form of ID? I don't have a current passport, mine has expired. Is there a time limit to uploading a passport? If I do not upload a passport, will I eventually be able to be paid on my investment if Janover Ventures is successful enough?

01.14.2022 23:24
Blake Janover - CEO

Your passport does not determine your ability to get a return on your investment.

01.19.2022 16:16
Michael Fish

Paint the picture for us.... we've invested. Now what? What's the big "so what?" for the investor once invested?

01.14.2022 23:16
Michael Fish

Here's hoping for your success!

01.21.2022 17:49
Blake Janover - CEO

Now you patiently wait and support us as we execute on our growth strategy and work our butts off to deliver value to our investors and customers.

01.19.2022 16:15

Can you share 2021 Revenues and loans funded? The lasted Form C does not seem to show any 2021 updates.

01.14.2022 18:17
Blake Janover - CEO

2021 revenue was > $2M. We haven't reported loans funded yet.

01.19.2022 16:15
Tom Lund

As a previous borrower and now an investor, I would like to ask how many more share offering rounds do you anticipate in the future? Also, do you currently project a future sale or an IPO is more likely? We investors would like to see you grow to a $Trillion company. :-)

01.14.2022 17:21
Blake Janover - CEO

Tom I appreciate the support and cannot legally speculate about an IPO but I can say that we too want to grow to a trillion dollar company!

01.19.2022 16:14
Gabriel Eisenhuth

Where can I find the total amount funded so far?

01.14.2022 16:58
Blake Janover - CEO

At the bottom of this page.

01.19.2022 16:14

Blake, Can you send a link to the current financials? Just got this email, and there's only about 8 hours left in the round. The link below in the comments goes to an error. Thanks!

01.14.2022 15:29
Blake Janover - CEO

Matthias, although the round is closed, the file is here. if you have any questions you can email us directly. thank you!

01.19.2022 16:13
Barry Hardison

When is this round closing to investors?

01.08.2022 02:40
Blake Janover - CEO


01.14.2022 14:43
Barry Hardison

How much more is there left out of the last investing round of $4,000,000? Do I still get my plus 10 percent?

01.08.2022 02:32

Can one fund the investment with a credit card?

12.31.2021 04:34
Blake Janover - CEO


01.14.2022 14:43


12.29.2021 13:57
Blake Janover - CEO

Sorry Christopher, we are closing tonight.

01.14.2022 14:43
PJ Maman

Hello. What does one get by investing ? Shares?

12.29.2021 07:26
Blake Janover - CEO

Class A Common stock.

01.14.2022 14:44
James Mooney

Blake, In order to invest again and yes I have invested already I don't have a passport. Can I still invest again even though I do not have a passport? James E. Mooney

12.15.2021 17:24
Blake Janover - CEO


12.22.2021 09:03
Gerald Lloyd

can you send me a link to your latest financials. thanks. <e-mail address hidden>

12.09.2021 18:31
Blake Janover - CEO

All financials are here:

12.22.2021 09:03

Cool investment!

12.02.2021 10:46
Blake Janover - CEO

Thanks Anton!

12.07.2021 17:40
howard l williams

howard l , investing again for the grand kids , $300.

10.28.2021 08:11
Janover Admin

That's great!

11.04.2021 17:35
Janover Admin

That's great!

11.04.2021 17:35
Isaiah M Aldridge

i am interested, so i will investigate more

10.12.2021 18:49
Blake Janover - CEO

Glad to have you!

12.07.2021 17:40
Barry Markovitz

Hello, I would like to invest in the business loan and real estate stock only (Janover) Is that possible. Please let me know and send a prospectus.

10.12.2021 16:41
Blake Janover - CEO

Barry, the opportunity is for Class A common stock in Janover Inc., you should be able to click here to invest:

12.07.2021 17:41

when will distributions begin?

10.07.2021 18:54
Blake Janover - CEO

John, we do not have plans for distributions right now. Our focus is to grow the company and scale.

12.07.2021 17:41
howard l williams

howard l investing for the second time, first time 2020. blake work hard for the grandkids

10.06.2021 15:07
Blake Janover - CEO

Thank you!

12.07.2021 17:42
Cory Beattie

Do you offer loan matching for Canadian investors / developers?

10.04.2021 10:55
Blake Janover - CEO

We do have some options and are working on adding more. You can visit to get financing.

12.07.2021 17:42
Eric Li

I want to invest in fintech and venture capitals.

10.03.2021 11:28
Blake Janover - CEO

We want to have you! You can invest here:

12.07.2021 17:42
Ronald J Dilks

Congratulations are in order for your recently completed partnership and arrangement with Benzinga...!!! Very exciting in that the increased momentum for growth and exposure in the marketplace should be greatly enhanced..!! Great stuff..!! Thank you and your Team, Mr. Janover, for this update...!!!

10.02.2021 13:42
Blake Janover - CEO

Thank you Ronald!

12.07.2021 17:42
AMANDA Willoughby

Trying to open a small business

09.29.2021 03:49
Dwayne Jackson

Good evening: I'm interested in investing in Janover Ventures as a long term investment. What is the last day that the general public can invest in Janome? Any information and assistance are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Sincerely yours, Dwayne Jackson

09.26.2021 20:02
Blake Janover - CEO

I think this round is slated to close in August 2022, but we have the option to close it sooner or to extend. Thanks Dwayne!

12.07.2021 17:45
James Dehen

How does this investment dovetail with the money I've already invested through StartEngine?

09.16.2021 13:12
Blake Janover - CEO

This is simply a follow-on round and thank you for being an investor!

12.07.2021 17:45

How can I be connected to commercial loan lenders? Thanks

09.14.2021 19:51
Blake Janover - CEO

12.07.2021 17:46
Kal Kaplan

Where can I see latest financials?

09.14.2021 15:13
Blake Janover - CEO

You can visit our Form C for our most up to date financials.

12.07.2021 17:47
Bola Ige

Dear Blake, Already invested in Janover Ventures twice with Star Engine recently and with the Republic in July 2020. I had no problem with those two platforms. My question is why are you reinventing the wheel by creating a new Crowd funding market place of your own? This sounds like a big paradigm shift of focus, away from building the company to become a Unicorn in few years. The second question is, Are you asking that we re-register all over again in order to invest in Janover Ventures? Why are you re-invent the wheel? and this is such an inconvenience to investors? And what happens to our previous PII data with Star Engine and Republic? Could they be imported to your new system? Thank you - Bola Ige

09.14.2021 14:46
Blake Janover - CEO

Hi Bola, thank you for investing! This isn't actually our platform, this is Dalmore's Direct CF platform that gives us a standalone page. So no different from Republic or StartEngine except (1) we have more control (2) it's our own page. Focus remains the same!

12.07.2021 17:48
Kris R Krishnamurthy

When opening an account with JI, I typed in my CC number and it was about to go to Obviously I got a fraud alert. I am unable to invest Kris

09.14.2021 13:27
Blake Janover - CEO

Kris, perhaps retry. Not sure what could have happened there.

12.07.2021 17:48
Scott Westover

I’m looking for financing for a retail strip mall approximate value it’s $2 million. There are 16 units total some of the unit are cannabis Related. The bank I currently have now is not OK with this I’m trying to refinance

09.14.2021 13:16
Blake Janover - CEO

Scott, I wouldn't say we are experts at cannabis related, but I would say give it a try!

12.07.2021 17:49
Tim Kammerer

I invested in your last raise. What was the valuation Janover during that raise?

09.10.2021 11:22
Blake Janover - CEO


12.07.2021 17:49
John Pollard

I invested during the raise back in November of 2020 on Republic and am happy to be back investing again here! Sending my best to Blake and his team

09.09.2021 18:09
Blake Janover - CEO

Thanks John!

12.07.2021 17:50

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